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It truly offers the best of what we all want in a vacation destination.Travelers can find nearly 30 hotels from which to choose that include everything from budget airport hotels to bed and breakfasts to quaint cabins.The Damlers still have their spacious cottage available to rent on their property as well, so this is an additional and very different way to "rough it" with nature.| April 12, 2016 BROWNSBURG — Bountiful Babies was presented last weekend at Natural Valley Ranch for the third consecutive year.For the last 10 years, people from all over Central Indiana have been visiting Natural Valley Ranch in Brownsburg. 2014 There is just something about a farm cottage that immediately relaxes me. 2014 Fall weekends are perfect for enjoying the outdoors.The Olympic Game Farm, home of the waving bear, allows you to get face to face with wildlife.And while it's close to downtown Indy, only about 17 miles away, it's definitely possible to get away from the hustle and bustle and really enjoy nature out in Brownsburg.When my horse-crazed girls learned that we could do a trail ride at the ranch we were staying on, there was no doubt that it would be part of our itinerary.In recent months I've found a great place to ride without leaving the great state of Indiana!| December 5, 2014 This morning "Your Town Friday" is heading to Brownsburg in Hendricks County!Marie and Chuck Damler, owners of Natural Valley Ranch, just added this stunning accommodation to their sprawling, beautiful 78-acre, family-owned horse farm known for its trail rides.

One highlight of our trip was a morning spent at an awesome water park... 1, 2014 I admit up front—horseback riding is my favorite outdoor activity.