Botox self injection anxiety

Nonetheless, there are plenty of ways to stay in the game and enjoy it.It can allow you to address any anxieties or inhibitions that may be causing or contributing to your erectile difficulties.First, if you plan to seek treatment for your problem, let your partner know this.Some couples go for years with no physical contact beyond the occasional hug.And if you are seeking medical help, be sure to tell your partner and discuss the options and treatments together.Roughly three-fourths of men with ED find the cause is more complex.It may be vascular disease, neurological disease, or diabetes, or it may be the result of prostate surgery or radiation.If a couple isn’t communicating, simply getting a prescription from a doctor and hoping for the best often fails. Sometimes a medical exam reveals a straightforward explanation for erectile dysfunction (ED), such as a side effect of medication or of discord between the man and his partner.This can lead to depression, and the problem snowballs further.Improved mood and quality of life are added bonuses.Ultimately, this physical and emotional distancing causes the relationship to deteriorate.And certainly, chances are excellent that medication or another therapy will do so. Open communication with your partner is another important part of the treatment process.

Even if erectile impairment is initially caused by a medical problem such as diabetes, lack of communication can exacerbate the problem.