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Paul, it’s been SOOOO great to have you on the payroll!We are doing a 20-year retrospective on pop and are having writers we love do pieces on songs they love from 1995. No more than two tweets a week will be branded retweets and the rest will be original.NB: CLEANING SERVICES CANNOT OPERATE IN BUILDING UNTIL NECESSARY 4-DECADE ASBESTOS REMOVAL FINISHED. so i guess you know now we ARE thinking about who can replace lepore on book leave which i ask you to keep confidential for obvious reasons.You’ll be on with some writers from Buzz Feed and Vox, and Michael and Sean both think it would help get the word out. Frankly, not following someone of my stature on Twitter is not cool. I’m not telling you what you should or shouldn’t do about following me but you should know that we’ve noticed certain questionable choices you make along these lines.Can you send me a copy of your 2003 W9 (has to be an actual W9 from that era, signed before 2003 and NOT backdated) and your bank and routing information from 2003, along with your current routing.Also, while I have you, any interest in writing 1,200 words about Lifetime Biopics? Its called Mothers Who Tweet and its a cobrand with Maytag. Optional lecture in the Alfred Hitchcock conference room about the dim chance of getting Obamacare, petitioning BOL to revive the unions and/or managing cancer conditions with probiotics. But we’re sort of asking for “shared sacrifice” now, after #jesuischarlie, and we’re gonna have to ask you and maybe one other person but probably just you to not get a paycheck anymore. I usually wouldn’t bring this up but I was soooo fooled by Jonah Lehrer back in the day and your work just doesn’t pass the smell test.

Contact: Kim Philby, telex 78248 KIM Phey v im in cambodia on assignment for eight weeks. and i am genuinely sorry about you seeing that thread; it wasn’t intended for anyone’s consumption outside of the office.