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In October, lucky passengers may get to soar alongside golden eagles which glide the same mountain updrafts in their fall migrations.The site's global reputation as a gliding destination is due to the "Cowley Wave"--an undulating flow of air that rolls eastward out of the Rockies and bounces across the prairie.Our fleet currently consists of 3 two seat aircraft which can be used for training, introductory flights, or member rental.The soarplanes themselves emit a soft whoosh audible from the ground only on their final landing approach.Twice each year an old grass landing strip north of Cowley draws soarplane pilots and spectators.We also are in the process of purchasing a Bellanca Scout for a towplane.Include a business listing, URL link, 250x90px image, and a location link or PDF doc. CAGC will be moving to Netook Airfield June 18 to late August.The Design Review process for the 32 ITER buildings has reached a major milestone.Cowley airport was established in the days when commercial passenger planes could not fly above the weather, and needed a place to wait out storms plugging the passes of the Rocky Mountains.

Visitors to the soaring camps may purchase a ride with an instructor.Describe your business in 211 characters as in this sample. We also offer introductory flights for those looking for a taste of the sport.But the sounds of engines and propellors are restricted to those of the tow planes that lift the gliders into the thermal updrafts generated by the sun warming the fields around the airport.We fly a Puchacz, Blanik L-23, and Scheibe Bergfalke III.

Soarplane pilots ride the upwellings to record-setting heights.