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“One might ask, if we were representatives of the people and, therefore, entrusted with the authority to decide on our own what is in the best interest of the public, then why wouldn’t we just decide, based on our own personal and ideological values? In his speech at a forum held at the UP National College of Public Administration and Governance, Diliman last week, Trillanes said, “…“ Highlights of Trillanes’ speech: “Having established that impeachment is a political process, therefore, my verdict should not be based solely on evidence as it now becomes a matter of public policy.These, along with extensive consultations, could very well filter the noise of the mob and undue media influence from the true will of the people.“ A non-lawyer, Trillanes, formerly a military official and the youngest member of the Senate, said the past several weeks he researched on the true nature of impeachments to guide him on how he should make a decision on Corona’s case.It is the representative’s discretion whether to consult his constituents or assume that he is omniscient.To resolve this, I intend to use political acceptability as the sole criterion to evaluate the projected outcomes of either policy alternative of conviction or acquittal.To the contrary, all of these references defined or referred to impeachment as a political process.More importantly, referendum is not the procedure stated in our Constitution.“Again, one might ask, as one of my colleagues did, why don’t we just conduct a referendum to resolve this dilemma? the over-arching policy issue in this whole impeachment episode is, whether the conviction or acquittal of Chief Justice Renato Corona would be good for our country.” Unlike other senators who give hypocritical statements that they will decide solely on evidence presented, Trillanes said, “ My verdict should not be based solely on evidence as it (the impeachment trial)now becomes a matter of public policy.” But it doesn’t mean, he said, that he will ignore the evidence that will be presented by the prosecution. , “he said adding that “the strength or weakness of the evidence, and how they are presented could very well affect the political acceptability of either policy alternative.We are, in fact, a representative democracy wherein the people indirectly govern their country through elected representatives.Having said this, it would help if the prosecutors and defense counsels would not to be too technical in their presentations.

Well, the answer is quite simple – our country is not a direct democracy.