Seroquel regimen

If your starting dosage is 400mg or more, reducing by 50mg at a time may be tolerable for a few rounds.Cutting up pills and weighing with a digital scale may be one way to very gradually taper, or you may wish to have a compounding pharmacy make up a liquid solution.Splitting an extended-release tablet appears possible (there are many reports on the Web of people doing this), but this compromises the extended-release quality, possibly resulting in immediate-release quetiapine.Tapering the extended-release form (Seroquel XR) Since the lowest XR dosage available is 50mg, 50mg will be the smallest decrease you can make.43.75mgs gave me a better night last night so I guess I'll stay there for several weeks.The sleep problems seem to be causing anxiety/adrenaline issues during the day, but my mood is still relatively good.Two weeks ago I went from 50mg to 37.25 and started experiencing broken sleep and nightmares.Read Psychiatrist: Some patients are better off without antipsychotics...Anybody with similar experiences who can tell me what to expect with this kind of taper?

Thank you - better to accept slow progress and get off of it gradually I guess!Reduce by 10% per month to start To minimize the risk of withdrawal symptoms, we recommend a conservative taper of 10% from the previous dosage every few weeks. Some people find they can go faster and some people find they have to go slower -- they can only tolerate decreases of a fraction of a milligram at a time. Such symptoms can appear as withdrawal symptoms; that will cause you to become diagnosed as relapsed and re-medicated.Switching Patients from SEROQUEL Tablets to Seroquel XR Tablets Patients who are currently being treated with SEROQUEL (immediate release formulation) may be switched to Seroquel XR at the equivalent total daily dose taken once daily. In short-term placebo-controlled, monotherapy clinical trials with Seroquel XR that included a discontinuation phase which evaluated discontinuation symptoms, the aggregated incidence of patients experiencing one or more discontinuation symptoms after abrupt cessation was 12.1% (241/1993) for Seroquel XR and 6.7% (71/1065) for placebo. The mean-terminal half-life is approximately 7 hours for quetiapine and approximately 12 hours for norquetiapine within the clinical dose range.Seroquel XR is unlikely to interfere with the metabolism of drugs metabolized by cytochrome P450 enzymes.Tonight I was planning to go back up to 43.75 to see if I can have a decent night's sleep.

I went from 100mgs to 50 with relative ease over a 7 month period.