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Biking Across Kansas (BAK) is a recreational bicycle tour that crosses the state of Kansas within the space of eight days.Many mountain views all the way through, plus two beautiful lakes.This road will show you many views of the various lakes in Oakland county and present curvy roads and nice views of the lakes and homes.Kansas Cyclist is the web's premier resource for cycling in the great state of Kansas.A 200-mile, three-day bicycle tour through the Flint Hills of northeast Kansas, covering some of the best cycling terrain in the state, and using some of the same paths used by Native Americans, settlers, and cattle drives.And contrary to popular opinion, Kansas is not entirely flat, with its share of hills, rivers, and valleys.You may see pronghorn antelope, coyotes, and prairie dogs along the way....Once on the north side of Stoney Pass, the trees are back and you're riding through a canopy....Though not blessed with flashy features such as mountains or oceans, Kansas does offer subtle beauty to those who can appreciate the surprising diversity of landscapes and terrain within its borders.They are all topped by a hard layer of sandstone with sharp drop-offs.Enjoy sharing the road in the safety of a group of fellow cyclists, and advocate for bike lanes and other bicycle infrastructure.This route also is very much in the Hayman Fire area, so a great way to see what wildfire can do to the land.Hikers love the famous Appalachian Mountain Trail from Georgia to Maine that runs along the Kittatinny ridge.... The varied scenery starts right away as you are steadily climbing from Montrose (5,647') up to Cerro Summit (a pass) at 8,010'. Mostly desert shrub land with steep gullies and long colorful grasses.As well as great natural beauty, Kansas offers countless miles of roads and trails, for both on-road and off-road cycling.

The nearby hills are not very high but show a lot of varied shapes.The Bull Creek Bike Bash is an annual family pleasure bike ride in Spring Hill, Kansas.Participants can enjoy the scenery of northern Miami County, and can choose between 20-, 30-, 50- or 60-mile rides.Participants enjoy the challenge, camaraderie, and adventure of pedaling from Colorado to Missouri under their own power.It's a lot of curves and traffic at first to get out of the city and into Clarkston but the views are good and the ride is fun. SR2002 is a twisty, paved road through beautiful rolling foothills in the country and consists of occasional homes, small farms and views of the Kittatinny Mountains. Only the ten miles west of Gunnison is fairly level.

Critical Mass Wichita hosts a community bike ride on the last Friday of each month in Wichita, Kansas.