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I spotted a condo along Upper Bukit Timah Rd that has high potential growth as the Downtown Line will be only minutes walk away from it.These 2 condos must also have a push factor that will ensure that the prices will increase in the near future.Through my 4 step system, I managed to shortlist them a few such properties so that they can ride the wave of price increase again.Instead I prefer to count on using time and leveraging on the bank to help me own this asset that I can live in and also nurture into big capital gains or as a form of passive income in future.He also thinks that his kids will need to be near the tertiary institutions near Clementi once they grow older.I hope the above example shows you that we can no longer count on property prices to do a double digit growth every year.Eric Elaine Age : 38 Age: 37 Income:$9,600 pm Income: $6,000 Bought condo at $711,000 ($700psf) Selling Price now: $1,407,600($1200psf) Cash proceeds after selling condo: $718,000 CPF to be returned to both accounts is : $200,000 Wife: $120,000 Husband: $80,000 Cash in hand for each : $718,000 divided by 2 = $359,000 Eric mentioned that his parents live in the West and he would love to move back to be closer to them.If he were to sell at the end of 10 years, after paying interests for the loan, he will be get back $1,995,000 less loan balance of $669,528.Watch along with us as the newly resurgent Marco Rubio bears the brunt of the attacks from his rivals.ABC News is live-streaming the debate and you local cable provider login may be required in some areas.The final GOP debate before the New Hampshire primary begins shortly.

Then they can enjoy the same capital appreciation which their current condo is giving them now.