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faattire for the Vtterans of Foreign Wlart »oat Ladies Auidltary 7HMI of Vlmtnia Beach WM in the presentation of 20 American flaj^, nid speakers remind- ed residents to turn on their porch l^hts. Key Clubs Announce Sebolm Mp Program for Area Schools folk County, Warwick, Newpo H News, Hampton, Wtl Mimabui^ an^ York County. Membnv of the Men's Club w Ul form 'the 'Choir for the p.m. (S endee Will altaqa^ between Oalllee Churcn- and B:asiern ^ore Chapel). The publte Is n Ni invited to see this excep« ti'r;;iily fine new movie. Newman of London &idge, ^s been ^4^ "Princess Anne County's Out- standing Young Farmer" In. the Princess Anne Farm Burifsu and the Young IHmo- eratlc Club. Newman has been farming am l^s own for atiout five y«i™. The w«fk will ^t und^-way of^ flclally with a scholarship fund raising dance to be held at the Origlnlal Club at Newport News on Saturday night A principal source of income tor the scholarships is expected to come from the sale of colorful (lecals in the form of a key with the inscription "I Helped a Scholar With a Dollar." Theae decals are now on mi\e and the aal«. Ll BWootf Oe Meate, ^blk^Ma M the awaris co«ad Me, at p«M nffl^ h«x trt, Vh^^ala Mm A. Those B wala al ed BMiy reepl, «fi4 Alt tt Mtel It Usfi YMtf 1^ Ch H. 0r the marrtage «f MIm Sh U'Iey Ann Humphries and Hubert John Gcrhe* J|r. The d Muble Hnf PW*i Twny wa S perfoimed by the Rev. M«a M id MMOB wlli Jaave Tuf May t Q wpm^ two wei^ «t PWT^Mtio Beach, Fla. I t%e l Ari^ern Park MTA «m k M a %a^^3 Saiv^ with a U tt« 6-Mnli^ «A Tluiraday «||^ f^i^ S, Iirtwtm Sc SO and 1M jun. The work of this committee in- cludes plans for and presentation of three Educational Institutes In. The general theme of tfte jmto- gram will be directed toward mo bi Ui Ui^ . Miss Ailstock is the Administra- tor of Virginia B^efa Hospital. PROCLAMATION WHEREAS, the Key Clubf of Virginia Beach and Princess Anne County are sponsoring a fund raising drive to establish scholarship funds, and; VWEREAS, the Key Clubs of Virginia Beach and Princess Anne High Schools are active service organi- zations sp CMisored by the Kiwanis Club, and; VWEREAS, these clubs are conducting a cam- paign to sell colorful decats if Wcrib^ with the words, "I Helped A Scholar With a Dollar, NOW, THEREf=ORE BE IT RKOLVED that I, Frank A. Hantf MMMr artrt Mph, Htrfipit Wvimhoth 4 ^jytni Tiave-n: and lw* ■ii-nwi «endtng aome time with her aon- ift^aw and aaoffhter, C^mar. Aadef- son relnrfied Saturday to tnelf home on Bruton Larie afier spefiffi Ihg several days in Balthnpre, Mk). hai^ibon Miss Aibtock Re^if es Coniiittee Appo Hrtneit The Virginia Hospital Associa- tion Executive board has a|^In appointed Miss Ailstock chairman of the Nurse Education Committee of the State Hc Mpital Association. t^ bi^K maid* mmm IMk MMh Mh CMMtf Bf lilchmdf^ Mm. t Non-fic Uon articles and ewaya (word limit 1.500) to Mrs. He was elected at- torney general of Virginia on Nov. Newtnan farms on a nmctern scale practicing crop rotation, m U comervation, soil anaiyi M a M oth«r tno(Km methocb.*^^ wfitf Wlf the kical eontfat New OMn will Ao W (^Mn|)ete In the l^te «mite M. All persons from Virginia Bc»U[^, London Brkige and Bayside areas are Invited to be at the chapil. Cio^^ TOlri^R^ ir:;" a^ stude: at the Wl^arton School of th» Unl vemi^ of' Penjiaylvanla, spent la weeltwid with h\s parents, Mr. promotional people throun^out the state, to board members of The Confederacy and to all local administrative pramo* tlonal aad clvk groups. Mothers March in Ghesapoake Beaeiitiipi Mt linsill Titil A 25-yearold native of ^^ineesi^ Anne County, Ray E. "Scholarship Week" rwia frrnn February a tlmnmli IPrtir^ary 14 and is designated to spotlight the year-round scholarship drive of the Key Olubs. AO wflii Batta M aitq Mt ha j^irt- Riark*^ a« later thaa Fehe a gi ' 13 aad riloa M be Maltotf t* C. &ch^[)|^Vo Ws Tlif Kemp«v|^ *le^odlst Owrch was tht ^tld^ 8atttrdi0r at p.m. Harrison, the former Lacey VU^nla Bar U^ of Lawrencevllle, will accompany her hi Kband to Vlnj^ia Beach. Invitations are being Bartended thiwgh The Chamber of Ccm- Iheree to. The Key Clubs ar« high school service organizations f^mn Mred by the Kiwanis Clubs of the ar^. 13 Pehmary 13 is the ^a^UIae lar nnnilniitltm N for Vlii^Bia Bhi A% Vimt CItlsea avrard prssewti J aanually hy the Vlr^ala Bwl^ Jaalor CMMher of CMaa^w.

Hw- Mi^ On yitgim Craite il M4 gay of white ean Mno M ti M Iflj ©f the vtlley. aril* Tktri K f^HMiwt H wto m M of honot tm- fm mum. This is lilt flrtt ymr tap the scholarship pre^am In this are^r VFW Presents Flags to Local School Rooms An outi Aandlng. Garland Hafwoof of Richmond spent last wee Kena v Martia at their home hi the Sind Mr Hotel. Tile Junior Soiree of ylr|rimi| Belch will have its dance Frfflfey ni^t at the Waveriy Hotel. The best three mamwcrtpts ts eacb category will be anni Hu M^il and the writers gl^en ^rti^^is of virard at the Virglnte Hollands Fe Mt Val at Abingcton in Augu^ Rcddent ry ldi%- tslative Council, the Legistative Council of Southern R^onal Edu- cation Board. Tlie film produced by Guided Tour Productions, Incorporated of Ocala, Florida is titled '•History- land Playground" and covers the multiple historical attractions In Tidewater as well as the resort's vast diversity of recreational pleas- ures, scenes from "The Cohfeder- acy," shou mpete in a State conte^ for farmers. Ha farm.1 some ^0 ac Mtt »ni h0 M primarily « p«i|i. The oiitstendli^t y^ig (irmer't principal crop Is aoy beans «li which he forms ab OMt i#0 acres each v^r; Oth^ crops Inch Kte whaat, corn and oats. » '" Icontlnw hw^ae^w tf AKMi urse co^rars b Mic rules of the road, navi^tlon, first aid, general aeamamhlp^and boat handling.

Young Newman Is nwifl^ to th» former Miss Joyce Blla Mjietti Mtm den of Prl T^«is Anne. Ledlngton was chafr- man of the Polio Campaign for the Woman's Club of Chesapeake Beach In Bayside with Mrs.