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“We were doing warm-up exercises and after a while, I was literally standing in a puddle of water.“Oftentimes, people are too embarrassed to seek out help,” Glaser says.“This is not an anxiety-related disorder that people have control over, it’s a medical condition and looks to be genetic,” says Dr.According to, a Web site operated by the nonprofit International Hyperhidrosis Society (IHS), there are two types of hyperhidrosis.The other, where people sweat in larger generalized areas (oftentimes while sleeping), can either be a symptom of another problem such as infection, menopause or diabetes or be a side effect of medication.While most of us sweat after exercise, as the temperature rises or when we’re anxious, those with hyperhidrosis have been known to short out computer keyboards because of the moisture that runs off their hands like a constantly dripping faucet.“Since age 15, I’ve had uncontrollable sweating under my arms and on my forehead, just like that guy in ‘Broadcast News,’” says Jeffrey Cohen, a 42-year-old New Yorker, referencing the movie's scene where Albert Brooks almost drowns in flop sweat during a news anchor audition.For those suffering from excessive sweating — medically known as hyperhidrosis — life is one long struggle to stay dry.“When I finally talked to a doctor about it, he laughed it off.The young ones refuse to raise their hand in class for fear their classmates will spy the telltale underarm ring.Still, only 38 percent of people who have hyperhidrosis know about those treatments since they’ve never talked with a doctor about their condition.

Others carry a cold drink whenever they’re at a party so people won’t suspect when they shake hands.That set me on a search to find a solution.” Drying out Cohen’s quest led him through three weeks of online research and a host of experiments with antiperspirants and products such as “sweat-proof” T-shirts, which he says have worked the best for “keeping things contained.” At this point, though, he’s just relieved to know there’s a name for what he has.“One of my most horrible memories was when I was 16 and taking a modern dance class,” says Sophia Parente, 32, a teacher from Virginia Beach, Va.One is a medical condition, where people sweat excessively in focused areas such as the head or face, underarms, or hands and feet.Some change their shirt three times a day so co-workers won’t notice.

Dee Anna Glaser, professor of dermatology at Saint Louis University School of Medicine.