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For more severe surface irregularities and deeper wirnkles the laser has advantages.Unlike a chemical peel which involves placing liquid of varying strength on the face, the laser uses a carefully programmed precisely controlled beam of light to remove a precise depth of skin.It can but this is controlled by applying a topical facial cream that numbs the skin.The cost depends on what we peel and also how deep a peel your skin will require.The cost for a chemical peel is generally less than a laser peel.We have a cooling machine that will reduce the sensation greatly.The healing time and chances for a problem can be greater with the laser but the results resurfacing and tightening the skin favor the laser.Laser peel is a process where the laser is programmed to take off a very precise thickness of skin.In some ways a chemical peel on the surface of the skin may be more accurate than the laser.A chemical peel done in the hands of someone skilled and experienced in doing them can produce similar results to a laser peel at lighter depths.At the skin surface the chemical peel has very precise control over the depth and the edge of the peel.

Most people can tolerate the pain with little difficulty resulting in an effective and safe treatment.This is done in the clinic 30-45 minutes before the procedure.If she feels your needs exceed what a chemical peel can offer please let us look at you.This process removes fine lines, wrinkles, evens up color and generally will improve the youthfulness and vitality of the aging face.The remaining healthy skin will then replace the old surface with a healthy more even layer of new skin.

Not really especially when compared to the alternatives such as a surgical face lift.