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Local trains will still go over the top, but that's little consolation to Zurich-Milan international passengers.Yet they are still charging $40 rather than the regular DSVN soft sleeper fare of $14.All the litter bins had been removed during the IRA campaign and those at Waterloo East had been placed in The Morgue. A bridge was damaged by a barge on 20 March, and passengers have been bussed around it since then.The door is at track level in the ballast at the Charing Cross end. The WW1 ambulance trains came up from Dover and offloaded at Waterloo East for St Thomas Hospital, before running empty into Charing Cross. No prizes for guessing where their bodies were put. A weekends-only Bialystok-Kaunas train started on 17 June, over the first section of newly-constructed standard gauge Rail Baltica line which will ultimately link Warsaw, Vilnius, Riga & Tallinn.The big push on the Western Front happened 100 years ago.I must have had other things on my mind, it was months before I finally asked the bleedin' obvious question. It's been reported by several people now that the private cars operated by the likes of Fansipan & Livitrans between Hanoi & Lao Cai (for Sapa) and Hanoi & Hue are no longer specially-remodelled specially-branded cars superior internally to the regular DSVN (Vietnamese Railways) sleepers.If they can't do the work less disruptively, I begin to wonder why they don't just shut the whole network down for 10 years and reopen it when they are good and ready to run it properly! More correctly, it has been completed and handed over from the builders to the Swiss Government.Whenever we needed to make something disappear, we'd 'Stick it in The Morgue'. Using this, it's again possible to travel from Warsaw to Lithuania by modern air-conditioned train, see the Lithuania page.Trains to/from the East will start/terminate at Kayas, east of Ankara, while all trains to/from the west will start/terminate at a suburban station called Sincan.In some cases, judging from previous years, trains will only open for booking in late May or even at the beginning of June.Eurostar CEO Nicolas Petrovic has said that test-running of their new e320 trains between London and Amsterdam is likely to start next month, with public service from 'late 2017'.A few European trains still aren't loaded and open for booking for dates after the 12 June timetable change - as happens every year.Unfortunately, this means the most scenic of all the mainline Alpine routes with curves, spirals and snow-capped mountain views will be buried underground, for the sake of saving half an hour.

This was (and presumably still is) a glory hole underneath the footbridge ramp onto platform B/C. The bridge has now been repaired and normal Reunification Line train service resumed on 25 June.Fast-forwarding to London in the early 1990s, I had just taken over as Station Manager for Charing Cross, a patch which also covered Waterloo East.It seems that from 10 July, Ankara station will be closed for 18 months for reconstruction work in connection with the high-speed lines.After 5 months of testing, most passenger trains currently using the Gotthard route will be diverted through the tunnel from the timetable change on 11 December, including the Zurich-Milan Euro City trains.Eurostar has made it possible to buy tickets from just 25 7-30 days before travel, using a new Eurostar Snap mini-site, see full details on the Eurostar page.

Instead, they appear to be using leased DSVN sleepers, identical internally & externally to the regular DSVN sleepers next door, just with a 'Fansipan' sticker in the window, their own staff and a few hand-out toiletries & snacks.