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Download free apps like Disney World Wait Times (for i Phone) and Disney World Lines (for i Phone, Android and Blackberry). Having a nap or going back to the hotel for a midday swim can prevent meltdowns. Bring along cereal or breakfast bars, plastic bowls and utensils; then send a family member to the hotel food court for milk and fruit. Several of the Disney hotels and theme park restaurants have them, and it's a great way to celebrate before heading home.The secret to doing Disney World with a toddler is to know which attractions best suit her age and developmental stages, and then taking in just enough to leave your family enchanted, not exhausted.Bring snacks and toys to amuse little ones while waiting.(But you can't get a second "Fast Pass" until the time frame on your first one has expired.) •Track wait times from your smart phone.• If you're a single parent, consider traveling with another adult who has kids of similar age to yours.Stick to tame, slow-moving rides, and factor in lots of downtime for feeding, changing, snoozing and cuddling.Use the age-by-age articles that follow to help you plan your itinerary, but also get a park map at your hotel so you can review the schedule beforehand. Crowds are thinnest in January, October, November (except Thanksgiving weekend) and December (before Christmas week). During the high season (Spring break, Presidents' Day weekend, the summer months, the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays), you may conquer only a few attractions per day.You can always come back again in a few years when he or she will appreciate the experience even more.I'll help you find the best rides, resting spots and attractions for kids of every age. Study the guidebooks (and don't leave home without one).Your kids will be happier, and you'll have adult companionship, as well as an extra pair of helping hands. Get there at least 45 minutes before official opening time.When a certain ride has a long line, the "Fast Pass" allows you to return later at a specified time, when you'll get to ride without a lengthy wait.Guests staying in Walt Disney World Resorts are entitled to Extra Magic Hours, where certain parks and attractions open early or close later on designated days.This age-by-age guide to Disney World will give you and your family the kind of insider information that's hard to find elsewhere, whether you're looking for places to chill out or ideal areas for greeting your favorite Disney characters.

And if I've learned anything, it's this: Lesson #1: You can't do Disney without a plan!Schedule just enough to sample the magic without overstimulating baby.• Use the "FASTPASS," a system that's available for the most popular rides and attractions.Lesson #2: That plan will change as your kids grow.And, I'll share tips on when you should go and what you should avoid—so your first Disney experience isn't your last! Be aware of park hours and that some attractions run on limited schedules.

The secret to a perfect Disney World vacation is knowing the attractions that best suit your kids' ages and developmental stages, and then taking in just enough to leave your family enchanted, not exhausted.