Opération des varices au laser 650

In contrast, of 5 recent studies, 2 indicated enhanced fibroblastic activity in vitro, and 2 failed to find evidence that laser per se helped wound healing in vivo.] were searched for recent abstracts on low level laser therapy (LLLT).The papers that had no detail in the abstracts were on musculoskeletal pain (15) and arthritis (23).For ease of use, the abstracts were shortened and the terminology standardised.The positive papers were on experimental knee lesions in rats (1), rheumatological pain associated with musculoskeletal conditions (2, 37, 38), carpal tunnel and chronic pain syndromes (5, 39, 40) and geriatric osteoarticular diseases (12).Reproduction, endometrosis: One paper reported good results of LLLT endometrosis with uterine varices in women.LLLT had no significant effect in delayed-onset muscle in people involved in weight-training activity (8); in ankle sprain (9); on the hemosalivatory barrier in patients with rheumatic diseases (13) and it had no significant effect over that of whirlpool treatment in minimizing the degree of experimental joint contracture in rats (45).

The bibliography follows an earlier clinical paper " Discussion | Top | General effects of LLLT: Of 4 overviews on LLLT, 2 were general reviews (4, 24,) and 2 indicated positive effects (41, 43).