Ernest rides again dvd release

Released by Image/Madacy, who are somewhat reputable. Over the next decade or so, this hilarious hick would tackle everything from barracks life to basketball stardom to an African jewel hunt to an unexpected semester within the halls of academia, armed with nothing but a simpleton’s smile and a fast talkin’ catchphrase: “Knowhut Imean?Maybe it's a blanket disclaimer the studio inserted for television sales? I like this set a lot, but don't care for the recycled cardboard cases. At the beginning, it says edited for time and content. Running time is an hour twenty-nine minutes and a few seconds. Well it's fairly obvious these films are the ones owned by some no name company. It looks like they gave up the rights to Slam Dunk, Goes to School and Rides Again (I believe they owned the last 2, I know they owned Slam Dunk since I still have the Touchstone DVD). Image's site says they're widescreen but I can't find any more information about them.Released by Image/Madacy, who are somewhat reputable. Great set for filling out your Ernest collection - the "Best of" is certainly a misnomer. Worrell soon wormed his way into audiences’ hearts – making the leap to the big screen in 1987!Get set for hours of fun with the most loquacious lout ever to show up unannounced at America’s door!

October Horror Movie Challenges: 5th Annual 6th Annual 7th Annual 8th Annual 9th Annual 10th Annual 11th Annual Drive-In/Exploitation/B-Movie Challenges: 1st Annual 2nd Annual 3rd Annual 4th Annual 5th Annual 6th Annual I picked this up at my local Best Buy store for $19.99! Get ready for laughs with SLAM DUNK ERNEST, the hilariously high-scoring comedy jam-packed with outrageous fun!Beginning as a TV pitchman in 1980, drawling the praises of products like local amusement parks, car dealerships, “Sprite” and “Mello Yello” to an unseen (and clearly uncomfortable) next door neighbor named “Vern”, Ernest P.Jeff: Well, when you say it that way, it sounds ridiculous. Ernest Goes to Africa Does anyone have the Ernest Triple Feature that came out last year with Army/School/Africa?Both IMDb and Wikipedia list the running time as 89 minutes.

I can't imagine anything in an Ernest movie being edited for content, seeing how they're geared for more general audiences.