Star city rides and attraction

Star City started its operation in 1991 and most of the kiddie rides are already old. There are many attractions which can be found only in Star City Philippines but are not in both Enchanted Kingdom and Gloria’s Fantasyland. Star City is a theme and adventure park comparable to Enchanted Kingdom in Laguna. Find out if your favorite rides will be affected by weather conditions prior to your visit.Eventive Funtime have been supplying attractions at Star City for over 10 years. Check his website design portfolio and know more about him. During his free time he take pictures and write blogs.

The theme park continues to replace the old and damage ones gradually to avoid any untoward incidents which notably placed their name in the tri-media for having unsafe and old rides. Star City Philippines is also at par with Gloria Fantasyland, housed inside Gloria de Dapitan in Dapitan. Bringing of food and water is not allowed inside Star City Philippines. Our indoor attractions are situated in the Atrium and our open weekends during term time and every day during school holidays.But since the latter is about 30-35 kilometers from the cities in Metro Manila such as Manila, Pasay, and Makati, most people opt for Star City rather than losing a lot of time staying in the midst of traffic jams.

Both EK and GF also have their own unique rides, styles and themes which makes all 3 theme parks worth visiting.