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In the Army Reserve you'll enjoy a blend of fitness, military and employment training that provides new skills and challenges beyond your day job.You could be providing medical or legal services with a military angle; or working in a trade, technology or engineering job; or supplementing full-time resources in a combat role.If gaining leadership and management skills is a priority and you are interested in areas such as armoured, artillery, infantry, intelligence, engineering, signals or transport, you will complete a comprehensive training program teaching you the military and leadership skills to become a General Service Officer.We do our best to make sure this fits in with your work and family commitments; and deployments are voluntary so if you choose to stay local, there are plenty of ways to make a difference closer to home.Reservists who are available can spend periods interstate and overseas on exercises and deployments.Members of the Army Reserve also gain great satisfaction from helping communities after floods, tsunamis and bushfires; and supporting humanitarian and peacekeeping missions overseas.Where you go and what you do will depend on your role, your home location, and how much time and commitment you can offer the Army.MILITARY FOUNDATION SKILLS 35-day Reserve Recruit Training Course at Kapooka, near Wagga Wagga, NSW.They are ready to serve in a fully-trained military capacity if and when Australia needs them; and help rebuild the lives of entire communities in Australia and overseas when natural disasters strike.Conducted at various locations, the course can be completed in modules over a three-year period, and comprises: 1.

Thousands of men and women enjoy part-time roles with the Army Reserve, operating alongside full-time personnel.