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Later on during the trek, regular consultation of current weather forecast is strongly advised whenever possible, including, most importantly, checking it from the last place with mobile phone or internet connectivity before starting the highest part of the trek (eg.It was commonly held that there would have been much less victims if trekkers in the region of Thorung La had had access to current weather information and had been given a warning on a possible snowstorm.The tragedy of 14 October 2014 on the Annapurna Circuit inspired many comments and afterthoughts on possible ways of avoiding it.Risk of such events usually decreases after the first half of October, but sometimes they may occur even in November.With access to a weather forecast such sudden bad weather events are often fairly easy to predict, as it always takes a few days from the first impact of the cyclone on the Indian coast until it hits the mountains in Nepal.Such access is particularly important during the main trekking season in October, as most cases of severe weather in that period result from cyclones moving inland from the Bay of Bengal, which makes them possible to predict a few days in advance.1.In such situation a decision to stay in a lodge and wait out 1 or 2 days can possibly save trekkers’ lives.Nach dem tragischen Schneesturm auf Thorung La kamen wir zusammen mit einen Kollegen auf die Idee, einen Ratgeber zu schreiben, wie man wahrend des Treks am besten auf die aktuelle Wettervorhersagen kommen kann. Ich ware dankbar fur alle Bemerkungen oder Korrekturen!For his or her own safety, any trekker should consider checking current weather in the Bay of Bengal before starting the trek.However, as Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world, there is no reliable service providing meteorological information on trekking routes and it should not be expected anytime soon.As they move inland to the north-west, they can result in extremely dynamic weather changes in the Himalayas, including heavy snowfall in a short time.Even if such service is established, its reliability will remain uncertain for some time.Occasionally short spells of bad weather may occur, which can be very dangerous especially for trekkers in the highest parts of the trails.Such spells bring rainfall at lower altitude and snowfall, sometimes very abundant, above ca. An example of such severe weather event was the tragic snowstorm of 14 October 2014 that resulted in many fatalities among trekkers descending from Thorung La to Muktinath.

During the monsoon cyclones are quite frequent there.