Elephant rides ho chi minh le

They have six elephants for the treks and one baby elephant for photos.In front of the camp, on the other side of the road stands Kok Chang Restaurant in which you can enjoy Thai food with a superb view to Phuket’s west coast.Venture outside the city to visit the Cu Chi Tunnels, a network of tunnels used by the Viet Cong.In vibrant Ho Chi Minh City, explore the city on a walking tour and visit bustling Ben Thanh market for a chance to hone your bargaining skills!Located on the road toward Kata Viewpoint it is certainly one of the most beautifully situated elephant camps in Phuket, as this area still remains free of construction.Opened in 2007, Camp Chang Kalim has seven adults and one baby elephant.Most of them are located in the southern part of the island, near the most popular Phuket resorts of Patong and Kata Beaches.Note that a large majority of the elephants used for trekking in Phuket are female, with a gentler and more stable temperament than males. Opened in 1986, Safari Elephant Club claims to be the longest-running elephant trekking camp in Phuket.On this fascinating Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand tour you’ll explore several of the world’s greatest treasures, behold spectacular scenery, learn about different cultures, and experience the warmth and hospitality bestowed by the locals. As a hub of culture and cuisine, Vietnam paints an exotic picture of Southeast Asian life.Many comments have been made over the years about the well-being of these animals in Phuket as the way animals are treated in Thailand is often questionable – there are still endangered species such as slow Loris at night on touts’ shoulder along Soi Bangla without any action from the authorities.Nowadays, we can say that broadly speaking most Phuket elephant camps take good care of their animals, and only the fact that exploiting wild animals to make a living remains objectionable.

As for elephant camps, things have improved with some help from the Asian Elephant Foundation of Thailand – based in Bangkok, which started to supervise and control Phuket elephant camps in 1994.Kok Chang Elephant Camp is also a long-running elephant trekking company (opened in 1993).Sea View Elephant Camp is a recent addition to the Phuket elephant-trekking scene as it opened in 2010.Located on the hill at the entrance of Patong Beach (when coming from Karon Beach), it may look a bit out of place at first sight due to the fact that many modern buildings have been constructed around and above it.Located on the flank of the mountain on which Kata Viewpoint is situated, on the Nai Harn side, it is a big camp also offering activities such as ATV and paintball.

Jungle and mountains in its backdrop, a stunning sea view at its front, Kok Chang has seven elephants waiting to take you for a trek.