Smiler ride alton towers crash footage

T"The Smiler has been re-examined and issued with a document of compliance as part of this scheme before reopening."The Smiler disaster follows a string of some of the worst rollercoaster incidents in UK history.Thrill seekers Joe Pugh, 19, Leah Washington, 18, Daniel Thorpe, 28, and Vicky Balch, 20, all suffered severe injuries in the rollercoaster disaster in June last year.Based on the track of Air, Galactica sees riders equipped with virtual reality headsets to take them on a journey through space.Alton Towers has launched a ground-breaking virtual reality ride in a bid to begin a new chapter for the theme park after the horror of the Smiler crash.Galactica is the newest ride at Alton Towers theme park and has been launched to replace Air.An Alton Towers spokesman meanwhile told the Daily Star Online today that the number of paramedics at the site was "not relevant". "The theme park announced the spectacle would return after an investigation claimed it was caused by "human error"."All of the resort’s rides and attractions are subject to a thorough annual safety inspection and testing regime through third party ride safety specialists via the Amusement Devices Inspection Procedures Scheme (ADIPS).

But customers today have been undeterred and, if anything, actually encouraged to ride the spectacle.When asked whether Galactica would help the theme park draw a line under June's horrific crash on The Smiler, Ms Riley said: "Absolutely."It's really important for us to continue to invest in the future of Alton Towers and 2016 will be no different.One adrenaline junkie Craig Toy – who is trying to ride the Smiler a staggering 10 times today alone – is tweeting frequently from the theme park. #Bringonthesmiler"Coaster Mania tweeted this afternoon: "The Smiler has 90-minute queues over at Alton Towers today. " Simon Price meanwhile wrote: "So we're at Alton Towers for @tasminmansfield birthday!! #Do We Dare #Bricking It"A third user wrote: "Woaahhh!!! On Good Morning Britain earlier this week, Joe Pugh said he never wanted "money-grabbing" Alton Towers to reopen The Smiler."We have reopened and we have learnt the lessons from last year."A full statement from Alton Towers reads: "The safety of our guests and employees must always come first and we have sought to learn every possible lesson to help ensure there is no repeat of what happened on June 2."The park has implemented a number of changes to the way the ride is operated, including enhanced training and additional safety procedures.

Hundreds are nervously but bravely testing out the re-booted Smiler ride for the first time since a horror crash nine months ago.