Botox park city utah

At some points it seemed like they just wanted me to hurry up and decide, and that they were more inclined to be friendly when the decisions I was leaning toward agreed with their recommendations and agenda. I didn't know that I would need another procedure to fix something that I thought would be taken care of. Everyone of the nurses in the office listened to my concerns and fears and gave me quick answers to all my questions. I would recommend him to anyone looking to get any plastic surgery.Most have had procedure themselves so could explain first-hand the experience and show me the results. It is evident that they all take great pride in their work. I have a whole new body - how could I be anything other than thrilled?! He is involved professionally with other surgeons and uses the latest technologies, but for surgery and recovery. He did exactly what I asked and didn't try and push more product on me. Megan has been a wonderful addition to the PC office since she is so easy to talk to about anything and does not make me feel at all awkward when I ask about different procedures, pricing, etc.I would also like to give a shout out to the staff at the Park City Hospital I stayed there after my surgery and had the best care given of any patient in that hospital.I am almost 3 months out and still have residual erythema and some tissue redundancy behind the ears - plus an odd rash under my eyes and a black bruise on one cheek. This surgery has gave me more confidence in my everyday life and has made me alot happier with the way i look. Terra the nurse was calming and was able to figure out what I was trying to say when nervous.Saltz has special interest in facial cosmetic surgery, lasers, body contouring, breast surgery and breast reconstruction. Saltz helped me to look better than I thought was possible. He he did what he said he could do and I look completely rejuvenated and old scars are now gone forever! I don't live in the country so I had to make all my arrangements in another time zone.I had a painless experience as well, and my recovery was swift. He also helped reassure me of the choice in the size of the augmentation I had chosen, which I had been unsure about. Saltz was very kind and thorough when explaining the procedure and my options. The pre-op appointment was extremely important and educational. He goes out of his way to make sure every little detail is covered, and it shows. Having such a talented and painless appointment with a real professional. You have an excellent office, my only concern is that I was unclear on the procedure specifics eg where the hospital was, when I'd need to be there, when I'd need to return for check ups etc. So glad the tummy tuck has helped with my back pain.The staff was and continues to be supportive, helpful and always responsive. The whole office staff was just wonderful and friendly and helpful. Him and his staff were very knowledgeable and made me feel comfortable and confident throughout my entire experience. Tara is great about answering all of the detailed questions that come before the surgery and after in the recovery. There may be surgeons who are cheaper, but none that you can trust won't have to have repeat surgeries to fix their mistakes. Happy that you actually listened to what I wanted done.

The staff there is kind and very attentive they were always on top of making sure that you're comfortable and you're doing well thank you very much Park City Hospital!