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Taha has been creating a new rai more attuned to the sounds of the world than Algeria alone, while at the same time his series finds him digging through the past for inspiration.That focal point was Hegarty’s voice, a protean tenor with a timbre like heavy smoke — an irresistible siren, whether delicately insinuating or wrenched open in a gale-force howl.They were riding high on their breakthrough (and only Gold-certified) album, 2005′s , which won the Mercury Prize — with a little controversy, as they were based in New York rather than the U. That record instantly vaulted them into the canons of indie- and art-music fans alike by blending chamber opera and cabaret around Antony’s charismatic persona.The London-based four-piece's world is one of jagged emotions, explored throug...It was in the fall of that triumphant year when Antony and the Johnsons collaborated with filmmaker Charles Atlas on , which is partly a concert film of the group’s European tour and partly a celebration, through video portraiture, of transgender women artists.The black-and-white image of a pyramid on the cover of Conversations tells you almost everything you need to know about Woman's Hour's music.Beginning with 2001′s , he’s become something of a shape-shifting icon of world music, incorporating dance rhythms, electronica, rock & roll and even jazz instrumentation into his work.For Rachid Taha, being placed under the umbrella of rai music — the keening Algerian pop often associated with Taha and Khaled — is both appropriate and severely limiting.You may wonder if you need another Antony live album after , as this one tops that 2012 set by capturing the group’s classic lineup in its moment of greatest success.All of this versioning is befitting of a musician whose main lyrical theme is transformation, from boy to girl to bird, back and forth and back again.Following a theatrical run in 20, the film now gets a DVD release as well as this CD of a full concert at The Barbican in London.

Add in a pair of unreleased studio tracks, both minimal gospel songs, and you’ve got a pretty essential Antony record.