Training regimen 5k

"I want to get back into that mentality," Gilbert says.If running 1.5 miles for your first workout in Week 1 seems too difficult, you might want to begin with my 5-K walking program.Or even walkers, as many 5K events are now billed as run/walks. The 5K is doable, Knaack says, even if you've spent many more hours in front of the TV than on a treadmill, if you train appropriately.Picking a 5K -- 3.1 miles -- as her route back to fitness is smart of Gilbert, exercise experts agree.The following 5-K novice training program lasts eight weeks and climaxes at the end of Week 8 with a 5-K (3.1 mile) race.She's hoping training for the 5K will help her make that transformation to a regular, lifelong exerciser.And she's not alone in thinking that training for her first 5K may propel her on the road to lifetime fitness.''I think the 5K is a great distance for beginning runners," Knaack says.Here, experts talk about how you can join Gilbert in going from the couch to the 5K course, paying attention not only to your physical training but also your mental attitude.It is among the easiest programs I offer both online and in books. ” I ask in the new edition of (planned for publication fall of 2016). Nevertheless, nailing a fast time in a 5-K and comparing it a few months or years later to a time previously run can be an important motivational tool.

Ever since her college lacrosse team days, she's geared up many times to make exercise a habit again, but then fallen off that wagon just as many times.