Nice rides youngwood pa

I was by myself and at the end of the tunnel their was a group of shirtless guy swearing and yelling, smoking pot.There is no fence separating the trail from the rail so don't stray onto the tracks.Its a very nice trail but be weary of biking and walking near the "ghetto" of greensburg, I was stopped by some guy I waved to and he thought i flipped him off, as I rode off he said he was joking but still creepy.The park has picnic, restroom and water facilities in addition to ball fields, a walking oval and a community swimming pool.I then was stopped by a man who was selling drugs and also people who were looking to buy drugs.The trail is uneven, has ruts and I have witnessed many losing control of their bikes.The are also many other parking opportunities along the trail at Huff Avenue, at Willow Crossing Road, at the traffic light for Buncher Commerce Park near Youngwood, at Depot Street in Youngwood and the campus of Westmoreland County Community College.The other Youngwood branch is up Sewickley Creek, past a nice marsh and across the campus of Westmoreland County Community College 1.5 miles to Armbrust.Reviewed by Mark Z on 5/11/2011 I always come here to ride my bike, usually from Youngwood to lynch field.There is a bit of a climb up and out of Lynch Field but once up to the grade, it's a typically level crushed limestone surface.All in all a nice trail Reviewed by Katt on 3/19/2011 I took this trail in August of 2010. I started at Lynch Field and went through the tunnel and immediately felt unsafe.Beware of the poison ivy and hemlock betweem Laird and the tunnel to Lynch Field.There's an area they could fall into a stream near Pittsburgh St.

The plans are to continue this trail another 5 miles to Mammoth Park. Take Route 30 (not the bypass) through Greensburg proper and turn north on 119/819.