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Chicken that is truly organic should not contain fluoride, but I still have a reaction from some organic chicken (though not nearly as bad as non-organic chicken. From what I’ve read, the fluoride-based pesticide used on grape crops is not as prevalent in other countries as it is here in the States.At that time, I had no idea what was causing my chronic acne.Thank you to everyone who has shared their fluoroderma story with me.If you are willing to share photographic evidence of your fluoroderma success story, I would be honored to post them here on our success stories page!I know it won’t happen overnight, but my hope is that someday this page will become a powerful testament to the reality of what fluoride does to those of us who suffer from this frustrating condition.Your feedback is what makes it worthwhile to post my horrible acne pictures on the Internet for all to see!Please email them to me at Melissa (at) Cellulite Investigation (dot) com.Instead of hiding these stories in personal email conversations and random blog post comments, I would like to start collecting them on one page.Here is a photo from November 2009, almost a full year after the idea first entered my mind that my cystic acne could be caused by fluoride ingestion.

I’ve heard from many of you already who learned about fluoride and acne by reading about my experience at The Cellulite Investigation.I will kick things off with pictures of my own fluoroderma success story. I was living in south Florida where the water was fluoridated to 1 ppm.Please let me know if you are able to figure out any more info on this. Reply My dr now, and nearly every dr I can think of that I’ve had, is a frump and an idiot.The mark on the left is a beauty mark I’ve had since I was little.Here is another angle of the fluoroderma from 2008. The mark at the top of my cheek is another beauty mark. Please share your fluoroderma success story in the comments section below! Please come back and let us know how it’s going along the way! The ONLY things that control my acne are a meticulous organic diet, a water filter and yoga. I made chicken stock from a pastured organic chicken and I had alot of wine recently and I broke out a bunch and even had one of those awful ones in my ear.

You can also see a few red marks from my latest beef stock reaction (my ongoing experiment to detox fluoride). Again, you can make out a few red marks next to my ear from the beef stock experiment.