Knotts berry farm kiddie rides

I felt that Knott’s had found a good medium that equally allows a family with younger or older kids to have a great day at the park.For our latest trip I brought my family along with one of my daughter’s friends.This roller coaster launches you from 0 to 82 mph in 2.3 seconds and climbs up 205 feet of track before dropping you down the other side and spiraling around the rest of the track.About 5 years ago my niece came to town and I decided to take her to Knott’s for the day.Xcelerator doesn’t curve you around the 205 foot tower of track, you go straight over it. Silver Bullet (54″ and Over) – Not to be outdone by the Xcelerator, the Silver Bullet suspended roller coaster is an amazingly fun and extreme ride.They were however big enough for most of the rides in the park and throughout the day we didn’t run out of things to do or rides to go on.Having lived in Los Angeles all my life, I have been visiting Knott’s Berry Farm on and off for decades.Both of the girls were 8 years old at the time, so they were not quite big enough for all of the rides.A lot of theme parks are usually void of or packed with roller coasters and thrill rides, but Knott’s has found a nice balance of those types of rides throughout its park.

Our day at the park was very fun and quite thrill packed.